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Make your mark in the German market

Translation as a vital tool

In a time when economic growth has become more important than ever, expanding your small or medium enterprise (SME) to Europe and beyond may be the key to your success – if you get it right.

One thing is certain: You need to speak to your potential clients in their language. Professional, effective and client-oriented translation should be an essential element of your business strategy.

Good reasons for Germany

Germany is the biggest economy in the European Union and ranks fourth in the world. With the highest GDP and the biggest population, Germany is the most important market in Europe.

Alongside the domestic SME sector, international companies form the core of the German economy. 500 of the world's biggest companies are present, and about 45,000 foreign businesses in total.

Thousands of British companies have already recognised Germany as a vital international marketplace: Exports from the UK into Germany amounted to ₤24.8 billion in 2009, making Germany the number one European export partner for the UK, only topped on a global scale by the USA.

Are you getting your share of this enormous market?

Have your business documentation, project proposals, marketing material, website and correspondence translated into German and realise your international potential.

I have worked in British, German and international companies and organisations (see about me) and developed an understanding of the socio-economic and cultural differences, which I will use to your advantage.

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Phone: +49 (0)176 8429 6337

Think Germany alone is not enough?

German is spoken by around 95 million native speakers worldwide and is an official language in the EU, Austria, Belgium, the Italian province of Bolzano, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and a minority language in numerous other countries and territories.

And if that is still not enough for you, I am continuously expanding my network of professional translators and proof-readers and can get you in touch with many other parts of Europe and the world.